About Us

Our company was established in 1996 and we proudly say now that all these years after a lot of self confidence and persistence we are considered to be pioneers in our field.


The central station of the company’s operation is working 365 days each year above 24 hour base and our personnel is in constant communication with the central station very often in small time intervals on a regular base. 


We choose carefully and train our staff to be always ready to provide the best service.

Some members of our staff are trained in combat shooting, weapon elimination and overpowering. Some others have been trained in the Marines of the Cypriot army that specializes in naval operations.Some others take training as martial arts fighters.And all of them in order to be approved professionals have the necessary licences and certificates obtained under training from the Cypriot Government Police.


Our manager gained structural and socializing skills and abilities in organizing and administrating security teams in order to be able to design and implement security measures for assets and personal Security Services  for Organizations and V.I.P protection for individuals. For more information see our Services section.


What Do We Do


Mobile Patrol and Courier Services: .
Visits and checks on many premises are carried out by our mobile patrols at unspecified times, particularly during the silent hours. Also we take over transfers of valuable items inside and outside of Limassol... More »


Guarding Assets or VIP protection: .
The purpose of this service is for the persons/companies who want all the time some of our guards to be in there guarding them... More »

K.P.S.I Advanced
Security Institute